From Billboards to Paperbacks, Digital to Print + Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Transcribing and more …

You can have it all with an experienced designer and creator. With many disciplines under the belt and learning java, you really can have the best assistance for your marketing drives, social media expansion, digital identity as well as below and above the line brand awareness.

If you’re a CEO and you’re involved in sales and often need super PowerPoint presentations, table talkers and corporate gifts, it can be arranged for you by Yves.

If you’re a writer and need your book transcribed, indexed and readied for printing or e-book publication, it can be arranged for you by Yves.

If you’re have an event and need some posters, tickets and digital and/or physical marketing material, it can be arranged for you by Yves.

If you have a project you want to put a proposal together on, it too can be arranged by Yves.

Those are just a few examples of what can be done from scratch to final product, all arranged by Yves.

Because this is a new beginning, albeit not an inexperienced one, there are not many posts yet. But why not subscribe to my blog and see what happens in the days and weeks to come.

As I threw ideas at her, she worked it all out logically. In a nutshell – what used to take us 2 hours to do – she worked her magic to reduce it to 2 minutes!!! That saved me so much precious time.

Not only does she listen well, she understands quickly and duplicates ones needs – and best of all adds her ideas in there too. Not only is she logical and hard working, she puts my needs first.

She loves investigating and researching as well. Whenever I think – new project – I think Yves.’

Victoria Hayward

“Yves is a brilliant motivational individual. She is able to inspire those who work with her in a cooperative team-building manner so that they deliver their best…. She leads by example, and those following respect and deliver – as is expected of them.

Celeste Santos

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