Years ago, when technology fell into the hands of individuals, I was there. Coral Draw was the main whoohaa! Being in print production at the time, which was about 30 years ago, was fun but hard work. Dark rooms, cameras, negatives and positives, cutting and pasting and drawing tables with Rotring pens faded into the past. Digital creation became the in thing. The biggest dilemma during this massive transition was choosing between Apple and PC.

Today, effective communication has become the biggest dilemma.

Digital platforms have developed so wonderfully that literally anything is possible and almost anyone can communicate with the whole world instantly! You can create a beautiful video, podcast, image or blog in the palm of your hand.

However, because I’ve always worked in the world of communication for so many years I’ve been exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to words and messages. A small mistake on a commercial website can create poor first impressions, and many readers will have an adverse reaction if they spot a spelling error or a grammatical mistake. These mistakes can cause potential customers to doubt the credibility of the website and the organization.

Project Management

Ineffective project management and unplanned implementation can ruin the future of your business entirely. Implementing automation and clear logistics will save time and make your team more effective. Having an effective project manager oversee your marketing and/or logistical structures can prove invaluable to your business growth.

Project Management and Effective Communication go hand in hand.

With the online world being as it is today, it is not only important to be super organised, but also to be able to communicate with clarity because you will instantly be exposed to a far greater audience than ever before.

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